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We're CGS and we build futures.


We build them with all sorts of people

at all ages and stages of their careers,

some working, some not working,

some forced not to work.


We meet first a bundle of emotions

which becomes in conversation

a real and uniquely talented person

with whom we work to build futures

in all shapes and sizes.


The common factor is that each future

is the right one for the client

because s/he's the one making

the choices which build them.


    CGS exists to address two questions: How should I think about the rest of my career? and What should I do about it?  Click here to see how we set about finding the answers.


  • CGS offers a completely personal, tailored, open-ended outplacement to senior executives and professionals; also mentoring services to CEOs and senior leaders. 

  • Greetings to all our readers, clients past and present, and any passing browsers. 

    Next April we shall celebarate 15 years as a company and, in May, 20 years in the business of career consultancy. 

    Every moment has been a joy and still, after several hundred clients, there is a little leap each time I meet someone new: what will be the story?  Who is this bundle of emotions? Where and how will s/he build a future?

    Long may it last, and a big thank you to all those friends and alumni who have intorduced friends, relations, colleagues and others for at least an initial conversation.


I'm reading Peter Hennessy's book "Winds of Change" about Britain in the early 1960s, the early part devoted to Macmillan's sparring with de Gaulle about our first bid for entry to the EEC (and his first veto of it).  It is heartbreaking to read the various diaries, Cabinet and Committee minutes and personal recollections of all concerned.  They absolutely understood why, despite all the atavistic instincts to the contrary, a declining Britain had no choice but to join; and they absolutely accurately predicted the consequences.  One could lift most of the passages word for word into our political discourse of the last three years. A Cassandra-like tragedy of epic proportions. 

Uncle Rod's Deathless One-Liners

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Friction is fine so long as it generates more light than heat