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We're CGS and we build futures.


We build them with all sorts of people

at all ages and stages of their careers,

some working, some not working,

some forced not to work.


We meet first a bundle of emotions

which becomes in conversation

a real and uniquely talented person

with whom we work to build futures

in all shapes and sizes.


The common factor is that each future

is the right one for the client

because s/he's the one making

the choices which build them.

  • Services for the individual


    CGS exists to address two questions: How should I think about the rest of my career? and What should I do about it?  Click here to see how we set about finding the answers.


  • CGS offers a completely personal, tailored, open-ended outplacement to senior executives and professionals; also mentoring services to CEOs and senior leaders. 

  • Latest postings

    The concern that the Covid pandemic would produce an avalanche of job losses and reduced future vacancies seems to have morphed into a sometimes desperate "competition for talent".   A headhunter friend tells me that at ExCo and Board level there is now (I'd add "at last") more focus on retention than recruitment, on evaluation and coaching rather than ruthless pruning.

    Therefore at the sort of level at which our clients normally operate, there are still as always good jobs for good people.  Those good people need to be aware however that competition for the best jobs will be fiercer than ever, which means that the meticulous preparation and methodical search techniques in which we specialise look likely to be all the more essential.  That's what we are here for...


Here's a gem from the journalist and former MP Matthew Parris which had me laughing out loud as I read it this morning:

The English language, with its rich store of imagery, makes wonderful use of illness, ugliness and disability. Arthritis, obesity, amputation, speech defects, old age, hair loss, insanity, hearing difficulties, learning difficulties, poor eyesight - where would English metaphor be without them? "It should be baldly stated that, crippled by indecision, deaf to all advice, blind to the cancer in their midst, and fat on their unearned income, the company's board, half of them in their dotage, should do better than stammer out a few poxy excuses for an arthritic half-year performance, impotent leadership, a lunatic marketing strategy, toothless management and the economics of the madhouse."

Wonderful stuff!



Uncle Rod's Deathless One-Liners

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'They've got to understand' is always spoken by a loser