A word about Salaries

We can't give "average" salary data for our clients because we don't collect it.

Salary is anyway only one part of many people's remuneration, with bonuses, LTIPs, pensions and equity to take into account also.

Salary can be a rather blunt instrument for judging whether you might benefit from working with us.  Status and pay are not related - and neither, necessarily, are your past and future salaries. 

If you spend enough time on this site you'll get the message that we work with people at all levels, ages and stages of their careers, and all salaries.

Nevertheless, because we are sometimes asked if such-and-such a salary is typical of the people we work with, here are some thoughts:

  • The highest base salary we have seen for a starting client was £750,000. The highest to which a client has moved on was, we believe, €1 million
  • Our top quartile is probably £150,000 and upwards
  • The commonest range appears to be £100,000 to £125,000.