What will it feel like?

Two sorts of comment may be useful here -

  • how you'll feel about us compared with other firms you may be considering (the industry jargon for people doing this is "shoppers"); and
  • how you should expect to feel once working with us.

Compared to what a shopper may expect 

you may be surprised by our

  • Quality of experience and challenge
  • Range of connections to market
  • Use of Birkman® behavioural assessment instrument with full feedback: almost always a new tool to the client, and always a valued experience
  • Depth and robustness of our approach, strategic and tactical; and by
  • How much we care!

As you work through a programme with CGS

there are four things you should feel

  • Safe

"What you tell us stays with us.  Whatever stories you tell, whatever emotions you bring, are always completely safe"

  • Encouraged

"We are all on your side.  We reserve the right to remind you how good you are when you  forget.  Our only interest is your best interest"

  • Supported

"We can provide whatever it is that you need for success in your transition and future career: ideas, connections, specialists"

  • Challenged

"We provide the thoughtful, robust and constructive challenge you'll be used to at work and may well be missing now."