CGS outplacement services

Why invest in outplacement?

Surely all top executives are well-paid, well-connected, and constantly besieged by calls from headhunters?

Well, of course it doesn't quite work like that - the more relevant principle is "the higher they are, the harder they fall". The money may, but will not always, be OK: yet the emotional damage is often tremendous, particularly if the departure was not entirely amicable. (One thing we do is train and role-play line managers in how to have those "you've got to go" conversations.)

So there are a number of reasons to sponsor closely-tailored, open-ended programmes for senior people:

• People at the top see fewer appropriate openings, more strongly contested, and it matters more at their stage and level that they make the right choice. It is, at least in principle, about choosing a career, not getting a job - a middle distance race, not a sprint.

• These are highly talented people, genuinely mobile between countries and industries, between corporate, private equity or self-employment, with options to "go plural", or to switch between private, public and third sectors. Give them the chance to explore sensibly, thoroughly, and without pressure for an "outcome" - since they won't necessarily know at the outset what that is.

• Be aware of how the individual, your colleagues and the market may perceive your treatment of this well-connected and often highly respected person. They say that you judge a General by how he treats his wounded - what sort of General are you?

• Giving top service to top people means a win-win for you and them.

Are you looking for a completely focused business, run by a widely experienced senior executive with broad cross-cultural experience, bringing real empathy, tried and trusted techniques to a limited number of clients at any time?  Then just contact CGS.

CGS Outplacement Services

We'd love to talk to you about our work in this area and what differentiates us from the rest: our passion, our focus, our insights, our challenge - our pricing!

Why not call us to arrange a meeting with Rod Chamberlain so you can probe at first hand all the things this website tells you about our work?

For example ... There are the sort of people whom you might recognise for whom Rod's style and experience have proved particularly suitable, often outside the run of standard outplacement programmes:

• Protecting the corporate reputation in the public eye

"She is a high-profile public figure: we're concerned about the market's view of how we handle her departure"

• Development for the high flier

"We're really sorry to lose him and want to make absolutely sure he comes out of this well"

• Appropriate support for the senior long-service leaver

"He's going to find this much more difficult than he thinks: his share options are under water and his wife will go crazy if he doesn't find something to do"

• Facilitating the transition for an under-performing partner

"People don't realise how hard and painful it is to get partners out of a firm"

• Taking on the difficult, demanding executive

"He's a nightmare to deal with at a personal level, a real handful for anyone: whom can we trust to give both the understanding and the challenge, and to stand up to him appropriately?"