CGS consulting services

As an individual, as CGS, or in association with other firms, Rod Chamberlain has carried out a number of assignments for corporate clients. They include:

Executive Mentoring

  • Mentoring the previous and current CEOs as well as another Director of one of our largest, household name national charities
  • Mentoring the CEO and two other directors of a growing, highly respected regional charity
  • Mentoring the global head of their largest single business line for one of the Big Four accounting firms, as he planned for his forthcoming retirement from the firm
  • Mentoring a former client as she worked her way into a new and far more challenging role ,for which she was ideally suited but short on confidence
  • Mentoring the UK CEO of a Scandinavian-owned software business as the parent moved through different shareholders' hands
  • Mentoring the heir apparent to the CEO of a large company, converting him from a Court Jester to a genuine CEO

Observation and Assessment

  • Assessing the small core executive team of a private equity owned business start-up, growing rapidly through large-scale acquisitions
  • Assessing the 10 person Senior Management Team inherited by the incoming CEO of an AIM-listed technology business
  • Brief interventions with middle-ranking people in a professional firm lacking self-presentation, image and communications skills
  • Working with a global professional firm to observe, assess and feed back postgraduate trainees' interpersonal and behavioural patterns
  • Mediating a long-standing personal impasse between two valued executives in a male-female, boss-subordinate relationship, to get them reconciled and back to work in harmony

Role Play Training

  • Six months contract as part of a 12-person team training several hundred statutory regulators in behavioural and social skills for their meetings with regulated firms
  • Working with two of the world's leading consulting groups to provide client meeting and business development skills as part of their continuing training programmes
  • Addressing, as part of a regular seminar run by a former client's firm, groups of senior women executives embedding themselves at ExCo level and/or preparing for a plural career

HR Support

  • Confidential work with the HR Director of a high profile public body about to lose its core function, to plan the shape and implementation of the resulting, much smaller organisation
  • Putting together a two-day residential Retirement Planning Seminar for senior executives and their spouses, including financial advice as well as life planning
  • Training the relevant partners of a professional practice planning the first-ever cull of under-performing colleagues, 24 in all. Most had never had to give anyone notice before, and certainly not fellow-partners. The project included a workshop, written briefs, role-play training - and immediate reception of the dismissed people after each indivdual had received the news
  • Training to Interview, for partners in another professional firm - all extremely busy, all convinced of their skill and judgement as interviewers, and all horrified by the cost of their colleagues' poor hiring decisions! [In honesty we should admit that this programme was never delivered - because, perhaps not surprisingly, HR could not get the buy-in from the partnership]