Every self-respecting executive, and particularly those who want to be "found" or checked out by headhunters, needs to be on LinkedIn.  If you are a CGS client and need guidance or support, call us.

Directory of Headhunters

Executive Grapevine is the directory of the executive search and recruitment industry.  Here is the online site: if you would like to search and are a CGS client, call us to ask for a user name and password.

Public Sector Jobs

Here's the government's website for Public Appointments, as advertised by the Appointments Commission.  That's an important qualification since it excludes any roles advertised or headhunted by others: this is usually heavily biased towards NHS no-executive positions.

Company Information

Companies House, like just about every public sector body these days, has a really useful and user friendly website.  If you're starting or running your own business, it will be indispensable for checking names to filing returns.  Otherwise it's just really helpful for company information.

Research (and much else)

Many readers will be members of the Institute of Directors and know about its great facilities.  A better kept secret are the research and advice team, worth a question if Google doesn't get you there!


Just for Fun:

The Paper Boy

This is one of Rod's two all-time favourites, along with  It allows you to read the daily newspapers from all over the world.  It's fun to read the German take on that World Cup match, the Aussie take on the Ashes, the Arab take on America and so on.

Fixing things

Trying to work out how to mend a broken sash window cord, we found this wonderful site, almost worth a visit even if you don't have anything to fix!

Crossword Solver

Our standard resource when intellect, experience and reference books have failed is  Try also  

Holidays and Hotels

Finally, what better than a couple of holiday sites?  Our starting point for hotels wherever we go is the Small Luxury Hotels chain:; and for short-stay holidays and city breaks, Kirker are our all-time pick:  (It's their standard provision of a chauffeur-driven, air-conditioned Merc to take you from airport to hotel and back that makes it so great!)




This is probably our top-rated site, and one we use all the time.  It's great for the UK and, by using the country flags at the top left of the screen, for a huge swathe of Europe and all the USA.  Simply fabulous!

Online news

The BBC News site remains our favourite source for keeping up with events:

Location finding in Britain

We have always preferred Streetmap to Multimap: however we know opinions are divided, so here are both sites:

Route Finder

For finding your way from place to place try the AA route finder.  Although we use it a lot, we find the satnav often takes a different and quicker route!


National Rail is the UK standard site:

The best train site of all, we reckon, is Deutsche Bahn - and you can use it for the UK domestically if you like:

Telephone Directory Enquiries

Save yourself the call to 118 and get the information free.

Postcode Finder

Stuck for the postcode for your snail mail? The Royal Mail has what you need:



Can't use a PC?

Why not get your European Computer Driving Licence!

Can't touch type?

Mavis Beacon to the rescue ...

Make Your Own Podcast

We are trying Podbean, which comes recommended as the simplest:

Need high quality business cards at a ridiculously good price?

Thanks to our client Mark Sherwood-Edwards we have become undying fans of

Rod's Other Activities and Places

Rod is the sole Independent Director, also Chairman of the Audit Committee, at Unity Trust Bank

At QIB (UK) plc, the UK subsidiary of Qatar Islamic Bank, he is an FSA-authorised Independent Director, and chairs the Remuneration Committee.

He is a Trustee and Honorary Treasurer of the English-Speaking Union.  Nearly half a century ago he won one of their gap year UK-USA Secondary Schools Exchange scholarships, and spent a year on a mountain between Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

He works as a transition specialist wih coaching firm Philpott Black.

He is a Vice President and former Chairman of Hampshire-based disability charity Enham

He is a member and former Chairman of the Institute of Business Ethics, having been involved since its creation and initiated its move to become an independent charity.