About CGS

CGS is an independent boutique offering

  • career guidance
  • through personally tailored programmes and specialist workshops
  • for executives and others
  • at all levels and stages of their careers
  • across all sectors.

Our programmes are requested and paid for either by the individual client or by his or her employing organisation.

Founded by Rod Chamberlain in 2005, CGS grew out of experience in senior executive outplacement with one of the world's leading companies in the field.

In this role Rod had spotted the need for similar guidance and support to individuals either still in, or already out of, work - and for whom therefore there could be no corporate funding.

This observation has proved to be absolutely accurate: since its inception CGS has worked with many such individuals in a broad range of roles from a wide variety of sectors.

Thus, in addition to senior outplacement clients paid for by their employers, CGS has worked with several sorts of individual client

  • young people in their first job wondering if this is really the right choice of career
  • mid-career executives, often highly regarded by their firms, but feeling trapped and wanting to explore a complete change of direction
  • people from their 40s onwards looking to build a portfolio of activities in the private, public and not for profit sectors; and
  • those planning for imminent or longer-term retirement.

More recently CGS has added a suite of workshops addressing specific situations:

  • Starting a Consultancy
  • Building a Portfolio
  • Returning to Work
  • Searching in Early Career

Finally, through our association with Philpott Black Limited, we offer access to top of the range consultants and coaches in all aspects of organisational behaviour and development.